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Robert Abdon Montante

Spring 2001: This page is still very much under construction.


(These links have landed here because I can't rationalize a superior location. Suggestions welcomed.)

The IEEE/ACM Cumputing Curriculum 2001, "Ironman" (penultimate, they hope) draft:
  ·  [html]  Volume 1: overview
  ·  [pdf]  Volume 1: overview
  ·  [html]  Volume II: Computer Science
  ·  [pdf]  Volume II: Computer Science

Professional details

  ·  My Curriculum Vitae should be here (but isn't yet...)

  ·  I'm certifiable: MCSE certification. (Includes photographs of the happy event.)

  ·  "Specialized Certification Progams in Computer Science", presented at SIGCSE 2001 (slide show)
  ·  "Specialized Certification Progams in Computer Science", presented at SIGCSE 2001 (paper in PDF format)

Personal stuff

Who needs a wimpy little "dishTV"? This is a man's antenna :-) satellite-antenna.html (Okay, a woman is standing next to it... but she's not happy about it.)

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Readings for Computer Scientists


Vim's on fire!   If you're interested in the powerful vi clone called vim, click this button.

What's this pattern ? PLA layout

It's a schematic of a 4-input, 8-term, 7-output Programmable Logic Array (PLA), as laid out in the LogicWorks CAD package. The circuit is one of the topics in my Digital Design course, 56-330. The left side is the AND-field (address-decode) array. The right side is the OR-field. This is an unprogrammed PLA, with all the fuses shown still intact.

Vim's on fire!

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