MCSE Boot Camp: Some Photos

June 2000: As part of the Math/CompSci/Stats Department's Link-To-Learn grant, I received training in the Microsoft Windows NT operating system. This led to an MCSE certificate, the result of a two-week "boot camp" at the ETEC Training Facility in Albany, NY.

This page includes thumbnail views of some photos that I took while there. They're also visible as full-resolution views.

Follow this link for additional photos by Joe Ostroski, a fellow class member; or this link for thumbnail views.

<technical remark> My photos were taken on film, scanned, and edited slightly to clean them up. Joe's photos were taken with a digital camera, needing no further processing. "You be the judge." </technical remark>
Click on the pictures to see full-size versions.
group photo
The happy crew: we've just finished our last exam. Instructor Tom Nguyen is on the left, instructor Terry Spade is on the right.
instructor3: Tai and Terry
Instructor Tai Nguyen has a comment about something purplish?
classwork 1
The class at work (except me; I'm taking the picture). Joe Ostroski is in the foreground.
ETEC building
That yellow thing behind the happy crew is a piece of sculpture. Here it is, in front of the ETEC building.
instructor1: Terry
Terry, hard at work.
classwork 2
Some people are more laid back than others... (Actually, the training includes audio tracks.)
my certificate
A really poor photograph of a really pretty certificate :-{
instructor2: Terry
Terry makes a point about something on a shared screen.
Finally, a wry view by cartoonist Illiad.

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