The Bloomsburg ACM tours the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Machine Room

March 3, 2006

Click on the thumbnails below for the full-sized images. (Most are 2272 x 1704 pixels.)

 img_3130 6:30am - leaving Bloomsburg.
 img_3131 11:30am - The gang arrives at PSC offices, Pittsburgh.
 img_3132-rot A picture of a picture of a really small door into a really large building - the Mellon Institute.
 img_3133 12:15pm - The gang leaves PSC offices, Pittsburgh. The really large building is on the left.
 img_3134-equalized 1pm - The gang arrives at the Westinghouse Energy Center, Monroeville. PSC's machine room is here.

Due to security concerns, photography is not allowed at the Energy Center. (Even the image above is illicit.) The following machine pictures are obtained from the PSC website, or copied from distributed stock photos.

 Cray XT3  img_3136-equalized Two views of "Big Ben", a Cray XT3 supercomputer rated at 10 teraflops.
 lemieux  img_3137-equalized Two views of the Terascale Computing System (aka "LeMieux"), a Compaq supercomputer rated at 6 teraflops.
 img_3135 3pm - A successful tour, in the end.