Some Palindromes   (offered as inputs to text-processing programs)

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Variations on a palindrome (in order of increasing length):
  • A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!.
  • A man, a plan, a cat, a canal; Panama? (by Jim Saxe).
  • A man, a plan, a cat, a ham, a yak, a yam, a hat, a canal--Panama! (by Guy Jacobson).
  • Panama, 49-word version (by Guy Steele).
  • Panama, 102-word doubled version (by Ford Prefect?).
  • Panama, 543-word version (by Dan Hoey).
  • Panama, 988-word version.
  • A dog, a plan, a canal: pagoda..
  • A fake Panama (not a palindrome).

  • Variations on a different palindrome...
  • Enid and Edna dine.
  • Enid and Dena dine. (not a palindrome).
  • Dennis and Edna sinned..
  • Dennis and Edna, 63-word version.
  • fake Dennis and Edna (not a palindrome).
  • Yawn. Madonna Fan? No damn way!

  • Palindromes based on words rather than on individual letters:
  • So patient a doctor, to try to doctor a patient so.
  • You can cage a swallow, can't you, but you can't swallow a cage, can you?
  • Girl, bathing on Bikini, eyeing boy, finds boy eyeing bikini on bathing girl.
  • Amusing is: that company of fond people bores people fond of company that is amusing.

  • Finally, a couple of poems whose lines form palindromes.

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    Jim Kalb's Palindrome Collection.