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High-order values are shown as HTML entities (utf-8).

Periodicity 32.

HexSymbmeaning HexSymbmeaning HexSymbmeaning HexSymbmeaning   HexEnt. HexEnt. HexEnt. HexEnt.
00NULNull 20SPSpace 40@At Sign 60`Grave Accent   80 a0  c0À e0à
01SOHStart of Header 21!Exclamation Point, "Bang" 41AA 61aa   81 a1¡ c1Á e1á
02STXStart of Text 22"Quotation Mark 42BB 62bb   82 a2¢ c2Â e2â
03ETXEnd of Text 23#Hash, Octothorpe, "pound" 43CC 63cc   83ƒ a3£ c3Ã e3ã
04EOTEnd of Transmission 24$Dollar Sign 44DD 64dd   84 a4¤ c4Ä e4ä
05ENQEnquiry 25%Percent 45EE 65ee   85 a5¥ c5Å e5å
06ACKAcknowledge 26&Ampersand 46FF 66ff   86 a6¦ c6Æ e6æ
07BELBell 27'Apostrophe, Prime 47GG 67gg   87 a7§ c7Ç e7ç
08BSBackspace 28(Left Parenthesis 48HH 68hh   88ˆ a8¨ c8È e8è
09HTHorizontal Tabulation 29)Right Parenthesis 49II 69ii   89 a9© c9É e9é
0aLFLine Feed 2a*Asterisk, "star", "splat" 4aJJ 6ajj   8aŠ aaª caÊ eaê
0bVTVertical Tabulation 2b+Plus Sign 4bKK 6bkk   8b ab« cbË ebë
0cFFForm Feed 2c,Comma 4cLL 6cll   8cŒ ac¬ ccÌ ecì
0dCRCarriage Return 2d-Hyphen, Minus Sign 4dMM 6dmm   8d ad­ cdÍ edí
0eSOShift Out 2e.Period, Decimal Point, "dot" 4eNN 6enn   8eŽ ae® ceÎ eeî
0fSIShift In 2f/Slash, Virgule 4fOO 6foo   8f af¯ cfÏ efï
10DLEData Link Escape 3000 50PP 70pp   90 b0° d0Ð f0ð
11DC1Device Control 1 3111 51QQ 71qq   91 b1± d1Ñ f1ñ
12DC2Device Control 2 3222 52RR 72rr   92 b2² d2Ò f2ò
13DC3Device Control 3 3333 53SS 73ss   93 b3³ d3Ó f3ó
14DC4Device Control 4 3444 54TT 74tt   94 b4´ d4Ô f4ô
15NAKNegative Acknowledge 3555 55UU 75uu   95 b5µ d5Õ f5õ
16SYNSynchronous Idle 3666 56VV 76vv   96 b6 d6Ö f6ö
17ETBEnd of Transmission Block 3777 57WW 77ww   97 b7· d7× f7÷
18CANCancel 3888 58XX 78xx   98˜ b8¸ d8Ø f8ø
19EMEnd of Medium 3999 59YY 79yy   99 b9¹ d9Ù f9ù
1aSUBSubstitute 3a:Colon 5aZZ 7azz   9aš baº daÚ faú
1bESCEscape 3b;Semicolon 5b[Opening Bracket 7b{Opening Brace   9b bb» dbÛ fbû
1cFSFile Separator 3c<Less-than Sign 5c\Backslash, Reverse Slant 7c|Vertical Line   9cœ bc¼ dcÜ fcü
1dGSGroup Separator 3d=Equal Sign 5d]Closing Bracket 7d}Closing Brace   9d bd½ ddÝ fdý
1eRSRecord Separator 3e>Greater-than Sign 5e^Circumflex, Caret 7e~Tilde   9ež be¾ deÞ feþ
1fUSUnit Separator 3f?Question Mark 5f_Underline, Underscore 7fDELDelete   9fŸ bf¿ dfß ffÿ


Periodicity 64.

00NULNull 40SPSpace 80   c0{Left Brace
01SOHStart of Header 41   81aa c1AA
02STXStart of Text 42   82bb c2BB
03ETXEnd of Text 43   83cc c3CC
04PFPunch Off 44   84dd c4DD
05HTHorizontal Tab 45   85ee c5EE
06LCLower Case 46   86ff c6FF
07DELDelete 47   87gg c7GG
08   48   88hh c8HH
09   49   89ii c9II
0aSMMStart of Manual Message 4a¢Cent Sign 8a   ca  
0bVTVertical Tab 4b.Period, Decimal Point, "dot" 8b   cb  
0cFFForm Feed 4c<Less-than Sign 8c   cc  
0dCRCarriage Return 4d(Left Parenthesis 8d   cd  
0eSOShift Out 4e+Plus Sign 8e   ce  
0fSIShift In 4f|Logical OR 8f   cf  
10DLEData Link Escape 50&Ampersand 90   d0}Right Brace
11DC1Device Control 1 51   91jj d1JJ
12DC2Device Control 2 52   92kk d2KK
13TMTape Mark 53   93ll d3LL
14RESRestore 54   94mm d4MM
15NLNew Line 55   95nn d5NN
16BSBackspace 56   96oo d6OO
17ILIdle 57   97pp d7PP
18CANCancel 58   98qq d8QQ
19EMEnd of Medium 59   99rr d9RR
1aCCCursor Control 5a!Exclamation Point 9a   da  
1bCU1Customer Use 1 5b$Dollar Sign 9b   db  
1cIFSInterchange File Separator 5c*Asterisk, "star" 9c   dc  
1dIGSInterchange Group Separator 5d)Right Parenthesis 9d   dd  
1eIRSInterchange Record Separator 5e;Semicolon 9e   de  
1fIUSInterchange Unit Separator 5f¬Logical NOT 9feuro (recent) df  
20DSDigit Select 60-Hyphen, Minus Sign a0   e0\Left Slash
21SOSStart of Significance 61/Right Slash, Virgule a1~Similar, Tilde e1  
22FSField Separator 62   a2ss e2SS
23   63   a3tt e3TT
24BYPBypass 64   a4uu e4UU
25LFLine Feed 65   a5vv e5VV
26ETBEnd of Transmission Block 66   a6ww e6WW
27ESCEscape 67   a7xx e7XX
28   68   a8yy e8YY
29   69   a9zz e9ZZ
2aSMSet Mode 6a¦Split Vertical Bar aa   ea  
2bCU2Customer Use 2 6b,Comma ab   eb  
2c   6c%Percent ac   ec  
2dENQEnquiry 6d_Underline, Underscore ad   ed  
2eACKAcknowledge 6e>Greater-than Sign ae   ee  
2fBELBell 6f?Question Mark af   ef  
30   70   b0   f000
31   71   b1   f111
32SYNSynchronous Idle 72   b2   f222
33   73   b3   f333
34PNPunch On 74   b4   f444
35RSReader Stop 75   b5   f555
36UCUpper Case 76   b6   f666
37EOTEnd of Transmission 77   b7   f777
38   78   b8   f888
39   79`Grave Accent b9   f999
3a   7a:Colon ba   fa|Vertical Line
3bCU3Customer Use 3 7b#Number Sign, Octothorp, "pound" bb   fb  
3cDC4Device Control 4 7c@At Sign bc   fc  
3dNAKNegative Acknowledge 7d'Apostrophe, Prime bd   fd  
3e   7e=Equal Sign be   fe  
3fSUBSubstitute 7f"Quotation Mark bf   ffEOEight Ones

ASCII and EBCDIC compared

Low-order Codes (7-Bit ASCII)

00NULNull 20SPSpaceDSDigit Select 40@At SignSPSpace 60`Grave Accent-Hyphen, Minus Sign
01SOHStart of Header 21!Exclamation Point, "Bang"SOSStart of Significance 41AA   61aa/Right Slash, Virgule
02STXStart of Text 22"Quotation MarkFSField Separator 42BB   62bb  
03ETXEnd of Text 23#Hash, Octothorpe, "pound"   43CC   63cc  
04EOTEnd of TransmissionPFPunch Off 24$Dollar SignBYPBypass 44DD   64dd  
05ENQEnquiryHTHorizontal Tab 25%PercentLFLine Feed 45EE   65ee  
06ACKAcknowledgeLCLower Case 26&AmpersandETBEnd of Transmission Block 46FF   66ff  
07BELBellDELDelete 27'Apostrophe, PrimeESCEscape 47GG   67gg  
08BSBackspace   28(Left Parenthesis   48HH   68hh  
09HTHorizontal Tabulation   29)Right Parenthesis   49II   69ii  
0aLFLine FeedSMMStart of Manual Message 2a*Asterisk, "star", "splat"SMSet Mode 4aJJ¢Cent Sign 6ajj¦Split Vertical Bar
0bVTVertical TabulationVTVertical Tab 2b+Plus SignCU2Customer Use 2 4bKK.Period, Decimal Point, "dot" 6bkk,Comma
0cFFForm FeedFFForm Feed 2c,Comma   4cLL<Less-than Sign 6cll%Percent
0dCRCarriage ReturnCRCarriage Return 2d-Hyphen, Minus SignENQEnquiry 4dMM(Left Parenthesis 6dmm_Underline, Underscore
0eSOShift Out 2e.Period, Decimal Point, "dot"ACKAcknowledge 4eNN+Plus Sign 6enn>Greater-than Sign
0fSIShift In 2f/Slash, VirguleBELBell 4fOO|Logical OR 6foo?Question Mark
10DLEData Link Escape 3000   50PP&Ampersand 70pp  
11DC1Device Control 1 3111   51QQ   71qq  
12DC2Device Control 2 3222SYNSynchronous Idle 52RR   72rr  
13DC3Device Control 3TMTape Mark 3333   53SS   73ss  
14DC4Device Control 4RESRestore 3444PNPunch On 54TT   74tt  
15NAKNegative AcknowledgeNLNew Line 3555RSReader Stop 55UU   75uu  
16SYNSynchronous IdleBSBackspace 3666UCUpper Case 56VV   76vv  
17ETBEnd of Transmission BlockILIdle 3777EOTEnd of Transmission 57WW   77ww  
18CANCancel 3888   58XX   78xx  
19EMEnd of Medium 3999   59YY   79yy`Grave Accent
1aSUBSubstituteCCCursor Control 3a:Colon   5aZZ!Exclamation Point 7azz:Colon
1bESCEscapeCU1Customer Use 1 3b;SemicolonCU3Customer Use 3 5b[Opening Bracket$Dollar Sign 7b{Opening Brace#Number Sign, Octothorp, "pound"
1cFSFile SeparatorIFSInterchange File Separator 3c<Less-than SignDC4Device Control 4 5c\Backslash, Reverse Slant*Asterisk, "star" 7c|Vertical Line@At Sign
1dGSGroup SeparatorIGSInterchange Group Separator 3d=Equal SignNAKNegative Acknowledge 5d]Closing Bracket)Right Parenthesis 7d}Closing Brace'Apostrophe, Prime
1eRSRecord SeparatorIRSInterchange Record Separator 3e>Greater-than Sign   5e^Circumflex, Caret;Semicolon 7e~Tilde=Equal Sign
1fUSUnit SeparatorIUSInterchange Unit Separator 3f?Question MarkSUBSubstitute 5f_Underline, Underscore¬Logical NOT 7fDELDelete"Quotation Mark

High-order Codes

HexIBM Extended Characters iso-8859-1 EBCDIC HexIBM Extended Characters iso-8859-1 EBCDIC
80Çlatin capital letter c with cedilla&#128;   c0box drawings light up and rightÀ&#192;{Left Brace
81ülatin small letter u with diaeresis&#129;aa c1box drawings light up and horizontalÁ&#193;AA
82élatin small letter e with acute&#130;bb c2box drawings light down and horizontalÂ&#194;BB
83âlatin small letter a with circumflexƒ&#131;cc c3box drawings light vertical and rightÃ&#195;CC
84älatin small letter a with diaeresis&#132;dd c4box drawings light horizontalÄ&#196;DD
85àlatin small letter a with grave&#133;ee c5box drawings light vertical and horizontalÅ&#197;EE
86ålatin small letter a with ring above&#134;ff c6box drawings vertical single and right doubleÆ&#198;FF
87çlatin small letter c with cedilla&#135;gg c7box drawings vertical double and right singleÇ&#199;GG
88êlatin small letter e with circumflexˆ&#136;hh c8box drawings double up and rightÈ&#200;HH
89ëlatin small letter e with diaeresis&#137;ii c9box drawings double down and rightÉ&#201;II
8aèlatin small letter e with graveŠ&#138;   cabox drawings double up and horizontalÊ&#202;  
8bïlatin small letter i with diaeresis&#139;   cbbox drawings double down and horizontalË&#203;  
8cîlatin small letter i with circumflexŒ&#140;   ccbox drawings double vertical and rightÌ&#204;  
8dìlatin small letter i with grave&#141;   cdbox drawings double horizontalÍ&#205;  
8eÄlatin capital letter a with diaeresisŽ&#142;   cebox drawings double vertical and horizontalÎ&#206;  
8fÅlatin capital letter a with ring above&#143;   cfbox drawings up single and horizontal doubleÏ&#207;  
90Élatin capital letter e with acute&#144;   d0box drawings up double and horizontal singleÐ&#208;}Right Brace
91ælatin small ligature ae&#145;jj d1box drawings down single and horizontal doubleÑ&#209;JJ
92Ælatin capital ligature ae&#146;kk d2box drawings down double and horizontal singleÒ&#210;KK
93ôlatin small letter o with circumflex&#147;ll d3box drawings up double and right singleÓ&#211;LL
94ölatin small letter o with diaeresis&#148;mm d4box drawings up single and right doubleÔ&#212;MM
95òlatin small letter o with grave&#149;nn d5box drawings down single and right doubleÕ&#213;NN
96ûlatin small letter u with circumflex&#150;oo d6box drawings down double and right singleÖ&#214;OO
97ùlatin small letter u with grave&#151;pp d7box drawings vertical double and horizontal single×&#215;PP
98ÿlatin small letter y with diaeresis˜&#152;qq d8box drawings vertical single and horizontal doubleØ&#216;QQ
99Ölatin capital letter o with diaeresis&#153;rr d9box drawings light up and leftÙ&#217;RR
9aÜlatin capital letter u with diaeresisš&#154;   dabox drawings light down and rightÚ&#218;  
9b¢cent sign&#155;   dbfull blockÛ&#219;  
9c£pound signœ&#156;   dclower half blockÜ&#220;  
9d¥yen sign&#157;   ddleft half blockÝ&#221;  
9epeseta signž&#158;   deright half blockÞ&#222;  
9fƒlatin small letter f with hookŸ&#159;euro (recent) dfupper half blockß&#223;  
a0álatin small letter a with acute &#160;   e0αgreek small letter alphaà&#224;\Left Slash
a1ílatin small letter i with acute¡&#161;~Similar, Tilde e1ßlatin small letter sharp sá&#225;  
a2ólatin small letter o with acute¢&#162;ss e2Γgreek capital letter gammaâ&#226;SS
a3úlatin small letter u with acute£&#163;tt e3πgreek small letter piã&#227;TT
a4ñlatin small letter n with tilde¤&#164;uu e4Σgreek capital letter sigmaä&#228;UU
a5Ñlatin capital letter n with tilde¥&#165;vv e5σgreek small letter sigmaå&#229;VV
a6ªfeminine ordinal indicator¦&#166;ww e6µmicro signæ&#230;WW
a7ºmasculine ordinal indicator§&#167;xx e7τgreek small letter tauç&#231;XX
a8¿inverted question mark¨&#168;yy e8Φgreek capital letter phiè&#232;YY
a9reversed not sign©&#169;zz e9Θgreek capital letter thetaé&#233;ZZ
aa¬not signª&#170;   eaΩgreek capital letter omegaê&#234;  
ab½vulgar fraction one half«&#171;   ebδgreek small letter deltaë&#235;  
ac¼vulgar fraction one quarter¬&#172;   ecinfinityì&#236;  
ad¡inverted exclamation mark­&#173;   edφgreek small letter phií&#237;  
ae«left-pointing double angle quotation mark®&#174;   eeεgreek small letter epsilonî&#238;  
af»right-pointing double angle quotation mark¯&#175;   efintersectionï&#239;  
b0light shade°&#176;   f0identical toð&#240;00
b1medium shade±&#177;   f1±plus-minus signñ&#241;11
b2dark shade²&#178;   f2greater-than or equal toò&#242;22
b3box drawings light vertical³&#179;   f3less-than or equal toó&#243;33
b4box drawings light vertical and left´&#180;   f4top half integralô&#244;44
b5box drawings vertical single and left doubleµ&#181;   f5bottom half integralõ&#245;55
b6box drawings vertical double and left single&#182;   f6÷division signö&#246;66
b7box drawings down double and left single·&#183;   f7almost equal to÷&#247;77
b8box drawings down single and left double¸&#184;   f8°degree signø&#248;88
b9box drawings double vertical and left¹&#185;   f9bullet operatorù&#249;99
babox drawings double verticalº&#186;   fa·middle dotú&#250;|Vertical Line
bbbox drawings double down and left»&#187;   fbsquare rootû&#251;  
bcbox drawings double up and left¼&#188;   fcsuperscript latin small letter nü&#252;  
bdbox drawings up double and left single½&#189;   fd²superscript twoý&#253;  
bebox drawings up single and left double¾&#190;   feblack squareþ&#254;  
bfbox drawings light down and left¿&#191;   ff no-break spaceÿ&#255;EOEight Ones

Miscellaneous ASCII-related material

Internet poetry:

  <  >  !  *  '  '  #

  ^  "  `  $  $  -

  !  *  =  @  $  _

  %  *  <  >  ~  #  4

  &  [  ]  .  .  /

  |  {  ,  ,  SYSTEM HALTED


  Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash,
  Caret quote back-tick dollar dollar dash,
  Bang splat equal at dollar under-score,
  Percent splat waka waka tilde number four,
  Ampersand bracket bracket dot dot slash,
  Vertical-bar curly-bracket comma comma CRASH.

Specials:⌘ ⌥ ☮ ☯ ∞ π ∑ Ω♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ ◊ ↵• Δ † ‡ …

EBCDIC again...

Periodicity 32.

00NULNull 20DSDigit Select 40SPSpace 60-Hyphen, Minus Sign 80   a0   c0{Left Brace e0\Left Slash
01SOHStart of Header 21SOSStart of Significance 41   61/Right Slash, Virgule 81aa a1~Similar, Tilde c1AA e1  
02STXStart of Text 22FSField Separator 42   62   82bb a2ss c2BB e2SS
03ETXEnd of Text 23   43   63   83cc a3tt c3CC e3TT
04PFPunch Off 24BYPBypass 44   64   84dd a4uu c4DD e4UU
05HTHorizontal Tab 25LFLine Feed 45   65   85ee a5vv c5EE e5VV
06LCLower Case 26ETBEnd of Transmission Block 46   66   86ff a6ww c6FF e6WW
07DELDelete 27ESCEscape 47   67   87gg a7xx c7GG e7XX
08   28   48   68   88hh a8yy c8HH e8YY
09   29   49   69   89ii a9zz c9II e9ZZ
0aSMMStart of Manual Message 2aSMSet Mode 4a¢Cent Sign 6a¦Split Vertical Bar 8a   aa   ca   ea  
0bVTVertical Tab 2bCU2Customer Use 2 4b.Period, Decimal Point, "dot" 6b,Comma 8b   ab   cb   eb  
0cFFForm Feed 2c   4c<Less-than Sign 6c%Percent 8c   ac   cc   ec  
0dCRCarriage Return 2dENQEnquiry 4d(Left Parenthesis 6d_Underline, Underscore 8d   ad   cd   ed  
0eSOShift Out 2eACKAcknowledge 4e+Plus Sign 6e>Greater-than Sign 8e   ae   ce   ee  
0fSIShift In 2fBELBell 4f|Logical OR 6f?Question Mark 8f   af   cf   ef  
10DLEData Link Escape 30   50&Ampersand 70   90   b0   d0}Right Brace f000
11DC1Device Control 1 31   51   71   91jj b1   d1JJ f111
12DC2Device Control 2 32SYNSynchronous Idle 52   72   92kk b2   d2KK f222
13TMTape Mark 33   53   73   93ll b3   d3LL f333
14RESRestore 34PNPunch On 54   74   94mm b4   d4MM f444
15NLNew Line 35RSReader Stop 55   75   95nn b5   d5NN f555
16BSBackspace 36UCUpper Case 56   76   96oo b6   d6OO f666
17ILIdle 37EOTEnd of Transmission 57   77   97pp b7   d7PP f777
18CANCancel 38   58   78   98qq b8   d8QQ f888
19EMEnd of Medium 39   59   79`Grave Accent 99rr b9   d9RR f999
1aCCCursor Control 3a   5a!Exclamation Point 7a:Colon 9a   ba   da   fa|Vertical Line
1bCU1Customer Use 1 3bCU3Customer Use 3 5b$Dollar Sign 7b#Number Sign, Octothorp, "pound" 9b   bb   db   fb  
1cIFSInterchange File Separator 3cDC4Device Control 4 5c*Asterisk, "star" 7c@At Sign 9c   bc   dc   fc  
1dIGSInterchange Group Separator 3dNAKNegative Acknowledge 5d)Right Parenthesis 7d'Apostrophe, Prime 9d   bd   dd   fd  
1eIRSInterchange Record Separator 3e   5e;Semicolon 7e=Equal Sign 9e   be   de   fe  
1fIUSInterchange Unit Separator 3fSUBSubstitute 5f¬Logical NOT 7f"Quotation Mark 9feuro (recent) bf   df   ffEOEight Ones

Periodicity 16 (high-nybble/low-nybble).

00NUL 10DLE 20DS 30  40SP 50& 60- 70  80  90  a0  b0  c0{ d0} e0\ f00
01SOH 11DC1 21SOS 31  41  51  61/ 71  81a 91j a1~ b1  c1A d1J e1  f11
02STX 12DC2 22FS 32SYN 42  52  62  72  82b 92k a2s b2  c2B d2K e2S f22
03ETX 13TM 23  33  43  53  63  73  83c 93l a3t b3  c3C d3L e3T f33
04PF 14RES 24BYP 34PN 44  54  64  74  84d 94m a4u b4  c4D d4M e4U f44
05HT 15NL 25LF 35RS 45  55  65  75  85e 95n a5v b5  c5E d5N e5V f55
06LC 16BS 26ETB 36UC 46  56  66  76  86f 96o a6w b6  c6F d6O e6W f66
07DEL 17IL 27ESC 37EOT 47  57  67  77  87g 97p a7x b7  c7G d7P e7X f77
08  18CAN 28  38  48  58  68  78  88h 98q a8y b8  c8H d8Q e8Y f88
09  19EM 29  39  49  59  69  79` 89i 99r a9z b9  c9I d9R e9Z f99
0aSMM 1aCC 2aSM 3a  4a¢ 5a! 6a¦ 7a: 8a  9a  aa  ba  ca  da  ea  fa|
0bVT 1bCU1 2bCU2 3bCU3 4b. 5b$ 6b, 7b# 8b  9b  ab  bb  cb  db  eb  fb 
0cFF 1cIFS 2c  3cDC4 4c< 5c* 6c% 7c@ 8c  9c  ac  bc  cc  dc  ec  fc 
0dCR 1dIGS 2dENQ 3dNAK 4d( 5d) 6d_ 7d' 8d  9d  ad  bd  cd  dd  ed  fd 
0eSO 1eIRS 2eACK 3e  4e+ 5e; 6e> 7e= 8e  9e  ae  be  ce  de  ee  fe 
0fSI 1fIUS 2fBEL 3fSUB 4f| 5f¬ 6f? 7f" 8f  9f af  bf  cf  df  ef  ffEO