Bloomsburg University
— Student ACM Chapter

2015 first meeting


year meetings President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Resources
2019-2020 Wednesdays, 6pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Jacob Nocentino Jaleel Rivera Anna Schlecht Stephen White Nick Ashenfelter officers
2018-2019 Tuesdays, 6pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Dan Kilgallon John Gibson Laura Josuweit Jacob Nocentino Derek Spachman officers
2017-2018 Tuesdays, 6pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Dan Kilgallon John Gibson Jared Frank Laura Josuweit Volan Nnanpalle officers
2016-2017 Tuesdays, 5:30pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Brian Fekete Jake Daniel Brett Logan Rio Weber Courtney Pachucki
2015-2016 Tuesdays, 6:15pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Ember Baker Brian Fekete Lucas Liberacki Courtney Pachucki Daniel Pany
2014-2015 Tuesdays, 6:15pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Landan Cheruka Ember Baker Brian Fekete Donnie Tennant Jim Capozzoli
2013-2014 Wednesdays, 6pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Melissa Wall Dan Eubank Mike Young Jake Dorman Jim Capozzoli 2013-2014 officers
2012-2013 Wednesdays, 6pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Shane Levengood Nicole Burfeind Dan Eubank Melissa Wall Jimmy Cap 2012-2013 officers
2011-2012 Wednesdays, 6pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Zach Rothweiler Eric Lowrie Nicole Burfeind Melissa Wall Shane Levengood
2010-2011 Wednesdays, 6pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Zach Rothweiler ? ? Melissa Wall ?
2009-2010 Wednesdays, 6pm,
Ben Franklin Bldg rm. 103
Brandon McKenzie Ryan Kelly Josh Gentile Paul Kartachak Zach Rothweiler
2008-2009   ? ? ? ? ?


Programming Teams

CCSC-E 2018, Marymount University

Harman Dhillon, Derek Spachman, Devon Schweitzer
Laura Josuweit, Steve Hricenak, Dan Kilgallon

CCSCNE 2017, College of St. Rose Team N-Grnz: Jacob Daniel, Brian Fekete, Brett Logan.   St. Rose team
PACISE 2017, Edinboro University

Team N-Grnz: Jacob Daniel, Brian Fekete, Brett Logan.
Team Alpha: Jared Frank, Laura Josuweit, Dan Kilgallon.
Team Red: John Gibson, Luke Vuksta, Rio Weber.

Team N-Grnz: Second Place

press release Edinboro 2017
CCSC-Eastern 2016, Frostburg State College

Brett Logan, Dan Kilgallon, ???, Brian Fekete, ???, Devon Schweitzer, John Gibson, Luke Vuksta, Jake Daniel.

CCSCNE 2016, Hamilton College

Team Men In Computing: Jacob Daniel, Brian Fekete, Brett Logan.

PACISE 2016, Kutztown University

Team Men In Computing: Jacob Daniel, Brian Fekete, Brett Logan.
Team while(1)malloc(1); : Tim Caulfield, Lucas Liberacki, Rio Weber.

Team Men In Computing: Second Place

press release
Teams, and discussion-panel members Ember Baker, ???
CCSC-Eastern 2015, Stockton University

Team ThisNameIsTooLong: Brett Logan, Courtney Pachucki, Rio Weber.
Team IDontKnow: Jake Daniel, Brian Fekete, Dan Pany.

PACISE 2015, Edinboro University

Team Bits Plz: Landon Cheruka, Brian Fekete, Daniel Pany.
Team Awesome: Jared Hallick, Aleks Hartzler.

Team Bits Plz: Second Place

press release
Bucknell 2015, Bucknell University

expert team: Ember Baker, Brian Fekete, Lucas Liberacki.
novice team: Courtney Pachuki, Dan Pany, Christian Pody.

novice team: tie for Third Place

press release
CCSC-Eastern 2014, York College

Team Ramrod: Jim Cappozoli, Landan Cheruka, Jacob Dorman.
Team Drop Database: Brian Fekete, Courtney Pachuki, Dan Pany.

PACISE 2014, California University

Team Crimea River: Landan Cheruka, Mike Young;
Team Ramrod: Melissa Wall, Jim Capozzoli, Jake Dorman.
Team Ramrod: Third Place

press release
PACISE 2013, East Stroudsburg University

Team Ramrod: Nicole Burfeind, John George, Ryan Oravec; Melissa Wall
Rejected Pope Candidates: Shane Levengood, Dan Eubank, David Sunderland, Ryan Oravec; Jim Capozzoli
Team Ramrod: First Place

press release
PACISE 2012, Millersville University

Team Ramrod: Jim Capozzoli, Zach Rothweiler, Eric Lowrie
Team 2: AJ McAteer, Dan Eubank, Ryan Oravec; alternate: Melissa Wall

PACISE 2011, Shippensburg University

Team 1: Zach Rothweiler, Ryan Kelly;
Team 2: Dustin Jones, Eric Lowrie.

CCSCE 2010, Juniata College

Team 1: Ryan Kelly, Dustin Jones, Zach Rothweiler
Team 2: Shane Levengood, Brandon McKenzie, ???

PACISE 2010, West Chester University

Team 1: Melissa Wall, Shane Levengood, Eric Lowrie
Team 2: John George, Jeremy Benscoter
Team 3: Dustin Jones, Brandon McKenzie

CCSCE 2009, Villanova University

Bloomsburg teams placed 7th and 15th, out of 24 teams. More information here.

Group shot: Brandon McKenzie, Amy ?, (Dr. Montante), (Curt Jones), (Drue Coles), Zach Rothweiler, Dustin Jones, Ryan Kelly, Eric Lowrie.

Photos from one of the students.

PACISE 2009, Slippery Rock University

Team 1: Ryan Kelly, Zach Rothweiler, Dustin Jones
Team 2: Josh Gentile, Eric Lowrie, Alex Funk

CCSCE 2008, Hood College

Team Awesome: Brandon McKenzie, Zach Rothweiler, John Anderson
Team Scorcher: Rod Cano, Wayne Nilson

PACISE 2008, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Team 1: Dave Reichert, Bill Katsak, Dave Moser.
Team 2: Chad Hall, Chad Nichols, Tyler Lusby
Team 1: First Place

press release

Ursinus College, 2008-03-29

Team members: ?, Dustin Jones?, Ryan Kelly, Wayne Nilsson, Rod Cano.

CCSCE 2007, St Joseph's College

Team 1: John Anderson, Bill Katsak, Dave Reichert

CCSCNE 2007, Rochester Institute of Technology

Team 1: Chad Hall, Bill Katsak, Dave Reichert;
Team 2: John Anderson, Josh Gentile, Brandon Mackenzie

PACISE 2007, Lock Haven University

Team GUI SparkleMotion: Bill Katsak, Dave Moser, Dave Reichert.
Team Cpt Awesome and the Compilers: Chad Hall, Tyler Lusby, Craig Nichols.

Team GUI SparkleMotion: First Place

press release

PACISE 2004, California University of Pennsylvania

Team 07: Colin Henry, Zack Schwenk, ?
Team 02: ?, Tim Smith, (Rod Cano?)

PACISE 2003, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Team 1: John Anderson, Colin Henry, Tim Smith.
Team 2: Kelsey Rider, Nick Rudolph.

press release

PACISE 2002, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Team 1: Colin Henry, Kelsey Rider, Tim Smith
Team 2: Jason Krichten, Nick Rudolph, Kevin Wetzel

Team 2: Second Place

press release

Some images from ACM events

Typhon Cluster The ACM-operated Beowulf cluster, "Typhon".
Tour of Global Research NOC

Friday, April 21, 2006.

Ben Estes, Dave Moser, and advisor Bob Montante tour the Network Operations Center for the Internet2 "Abilene" backbone, the National LambdaRail, and a number of other academic backbone networks; in Indianapolis, IN.
Thanks to Steve Peck, Operations Manager.

This tour was a follow-on to a trip the Undergraduate Research Conference at Butler University, Indianapolis.

Tour of Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Pictures from the ACM's trip to PSC on Friday, March 3, 2006.
Euclid Mark I Workers in front of the ACM's homebuilt Beowulf cluster. October 10, 2005. These are the raw pictures - no cleanup, no weeding out of bad shots, no nuthin'.

ACM — e to the pi Minus pi #217

databases — Exploits of a Mom #327