CompSci 330,
Computer Organization

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(start of semester) Welcome to CompSci 330, Computer Organization!
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Check the links above for specific course materials. Check the Resources link for online versions of slides shown in class.

2020-01-22 Instructions for connecting a Hardware Lab (BFH 103) computer to a Raspberry Pi:

See "Course Information" for online course access!

2019-05-03 Midterm Exam 1 solution:

Class Notes

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2020-01-22 Slides from textbook:
  • chapter 1. Overview; design principles; circuit fabrication; measuring performance
  • Thermal image of a Raspberry Pi 3B+:
2020-02-03 Slides from textbook:
  • chapter 2 — Assembly/machine language.
  • LEGv8_Green_Card — Reference card for LEGv8 (ARMv8) assembly language


  • Sorting source code used in class.
  • Relationship of high-level language, to assembly, to machine code:


  • Makefile as developed in class.
  • chapter 3 — processor arithmetic; floating point.
2020-02-22 Solutions for assignment 1 (chapter 1): asn1.2020-01.pdf
2020-02-23 Solutions for assignment 2 (chapter 2): asn2 solution. or asn2 solution from the instructor's guide.

Take-home portion of Exam 1: take-home portion

Midterm Exam 1 supplied code:
fibolist.c or Download
leaf.c or Download
looper.s or Download
tester.c or Download
2020-03-24 IEEE-754 formats.
2020-03-24 – 2020-03-29 Chapter 4 presentation:
Some informative links about SSDs and Flash memory, and how they impact the traditional memory hierarchy:
2019-04-22 Gray code and FSM — example of a simple Finite State Machine.
  • chapter 6 — parallel processors
  • CERN hardware — excerpt from an article about computer systems at CERN scientific research center. Parallel systems are their big new thing.


SciTE — text editor — homepage for the SciTE software
The SciTE programmer's text editor. Cross-platform (Windows, Linux), a good replacement for "Notepad".
Vim — text editor — homepage for the Vim editor
Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS); an upgrade of the basic editor found on Linux and MacOS. For real "heavy lifting". Very powerful but takes some getting-used-to.
VisUAL — 32-bit ARM architecture visual simulator
bitbucket repository
Graphical simulation of an ARM-like processor with a subset of the 32-bit instruction set. Helpful for visualizing what assembly instructions do.